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Want more information about Twentynine Palms, California? Why not purchase a book with information about the history of 29 Palms. Books about The Twentynine Palms Marines, Oasis or Murals and so much more. These books are all nicely bound and would be a great gift for any reader.

Books About Twentynine Palms

Twentynine Palms has rich history dating back thousands of years. From native Indians who lived at the Oasis to the Gold Rush of the early 1900s through General Sherman, the U.S. Marine Corps and including the Mural projects, 29 Palms has been home to many historical figures. Read fascination stories and see pictures from “way back” as well as new additions.

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Twentynine Palms Book




Oasis of Murals Books

Available in both hardcover and soft cover, this book features color pictures of the giant, outdoor murals of Twentynine Palms as well as information about each mural’s artist and the history the mural depicts. Learn about flash floods, native Americans, out Marines, coming home from war, desert flora, and animals as well as early settlers, miners, and pioneers. A beautiful way to remember your visit to Twentynine Palms, Oasis of Murals!

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Oasis of Murals Book




USMC Books

The history of the importance of the Twentynine Palms Marines is something that should be shared with everyone. Give this gift to share the significance of the Marines and the role they play in Twentynine Palms, California

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29 Palms Marines Book




JTNP Books

Discover the vast history of the Joshua Tree National Park. This is a wonderful gift for the avid outdoor person or rock climber.

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Field Guides

Assorted field guides are available to help you on your travels throughout the Mojave desert. These field guides are packed with great information and colorful images to help as you discover the area. They are lightweight and compact for easy reference.

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