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Twentynine Palms Oasis of Murals is probably the best thing to happen to this desert community in many a decade.  Kick-starting the renaissance of our small town in 1994, the Mural Project has spawned more than just beautiful, historical artworks painted on its commercial buildings downtown  it has, in fact, encouraged  a whole new art scene and created a rebirth of local shops, galleries, and visitor-friendly businesses. Gaining worldwide recognition, Twentynine Palms has received media coverage from L.A. to  New York to London, and hosted a Global Mural Conference in the Year 2000.



The Twentynine Palms Oasis of Murals is an amazing visual experience. A wonderful way to share your visit to the Murals is by sending out these beautiful postcards that capture the artistic paintings found in 29 Palms, California. There are plenty of designs to choose from!

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Oasis of Murals Postcards





A wonderful way yo remember all the unique mural paintings in 29 Palms is by viewing them over and over again! With our selection of Mural books you can do just that. Full color images depict the artistic renderings found in Twentynine Palms, California.

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Key Chains

These quality keychains make great momentos of your visit to Twentynine Palms!  Choose from several designs - more coming soon!

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Twentynine Palms Mural Key chain





These high quality, full color pins will be a beautiful addition to anyone's pin collection. Choose from several designs.

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29 Palms Mural Lapel Pin












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